Unattended intelligent truck weighbridge scale system

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The unmanned intelligent truck weighbridge system is a new kind of design automatic weighbridge system which can help enterprises improve working effiency with anti cheat function.Adopt all in one integrated control system for easy installation and maintance.Use latest new ultrasonic and lidar technology.

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Description of the Unattended Weighbridge System.

Introducing our state-of-the-art unattended weighbridge system, designed to streamline your weighing operations and minimize the need for human intervention. At its core, our weighbridge system is an advanced technological solution that allows you to accurately weigh your products and goods with ease.

The unattended weighbridge system is designed to suit a wide range of industrial weighing needs, including pallet weighing and truck weighing. It's a versatile tool that can be installed in various industrial settings, providing you with an accurate, fast, and highly reliable weighing solution.

Our system is designed to be incredibly easy to use, and you can rest assured that your operations will be a lot more efficient and productive with it in place. Its automated nature means that it can autonomously handle the weighing process, transmitting the data in real-time without the need for operator intervention.

The unattended weighbridge system is a highly autonomous solution, which means that it can be relied on to make accurate measurements without the need for human oversight. It's a robust, fast, and foolproof way of weighing your goods and products, precisely and swiftly, making it a great tool for streamlining your operations.

One of the key features of our unattended weighbridge system is that it can be easily integrated into your existing systems, providing you with a seamless workflow. The system offers easy connectivity to various devices and software, making it effortless to integrate into your processes.

Furthermore, our weighbridge system features state-of-the-art software that allows you to monitor the progression of your weighing process from anywhere you are located, using real-time data visualization tools that will help you keep track of your operations.

The unattended weighbridge system has been designed to optimize the weighing process, reduce the risk of errors, and allow for faster throughput. With this system in place, you can be sure that your weighing operations are accurate and efficient, providing you with vital information required to improve your business.

Our unattended weighbridge system is a reliable, efficient, and highly accurate weighing solution that is easy to use and can be seamlessly integrated into your process. It's the perfect tool to help you streamline your weighing operations and achieve your business's objectives. So why not invest in this innovative system today and start enjoying the benefits of our advanced weighing technology?


The new design of unmanned weighbridge system has changed the traditional manual operation weighing method, completed the unmanned, rapid, accurate and efficient weighing mode, and at the same time completed the sharing of data information and efficient management methods, which improved the development of the industry's big data management capabilities and saved a large number of labor costs for the com
In the past, the traditional weighing s were complex and inconvenient, and it was not only very easy to record errors and omissions, but also to produce cheating. The unmanned weighbridge system really completes the automation technology and intelligent system of weighbridge weighing. In the unmanned mode, the automatic printing of weighing and weighing lists can be carried out without manual manipulation, which greatly saves the time of weighing the car.


Overall, unmanned weighbridge systems have several advantages as below:
1. According to unmanned system, the completion of reducing 80% of the staff can save the enterprise a large amount of labor costs. At the same time, it also prevents the fraudulent personal behavior of drivers and employees, and prevents the loss of excess property of enterprises.
2. The unmanned weighbridge system is a detailed system that is easy to operate in practice. The previously overweight and complex procedural processes have been simplified. Only two or three people can be able to control the car to weigh reasonably, and the efficiency is further improved.
3. The anti-fraud system of the unmanned weighbridge system can reasonably avoid all kinds of fraudulent personal behaviors and reduce the risk. Prevent property damage to the enterprise
4.Weighing instruments and equipment can be compatible with 99% of the weighing instrument panel sockets, which is more convenient.
5. It is suitable for the connection of third-party intelligent management system, fully complete data information sharing, and complete the digital management of weighing.


Specification Sheet of Truck Scale
Model Capacity Platform size Division Section Load Cell Weight (T) 20FCL
SCS-60 60t-100t 3x7m 20kg 2 6 ±3.5 2 set
SCS-60 60t-100t 3x8m 20kg 2 6 ±4.0 2 set
SCS-60 60t-100t 3x9m 20kg 2 6 ±4.5 1 set
SCS-60 60t-100t 3x10m 20kg 2 6 ±5.0 1 set
SCS-80 80t-100t 3x12m 20kg 3 8 ±6.1 1 set
SCS-80 80t-100t 3x14m 20kg 3 8 ±7.0 1 set
SCS-80 80t-100t 3x15m 20kg 3 8 ±7.2 1 set
SCS-80 80t-100t 3x16m 20kg 3 8 ±8.0 1 set
SCS-80 80t-100t 3x18m 20kg 4 10 ±9.1 1 set
SCS-120 120t-150t 3x16m 50kg 4 10 ±8.3 1 set
SCS-120 120t-150t 3x18m 50kg 4 10 ±9.3 1 set

Our unmanned weighbridge system advantages


1.It integrates the license plate recognition machine control, detector control, ultrasonic radar, microwave radar, traffic lights, barriers, card readers, capture, remote control, voice, LED screen as one control. Reduces the hassle of various devices and wiring. The corresponding integrated device can be controlled from the software to solve all problems with a single network cable.It is much easier installed and maintance by using this update new system.

2. Our new ultrasonic finisher uses the latest lidar to check the finishing of the vehicle tire to prevent the vehicle from pressing the edge, if there is a vehicle tire beyond the scale body, it can not be weighed. Card slot anti-cheating can be carried out to prevent the weight reduction caused by the vehicle not being fully weighed, or the weight becoming larger due to the rear car following the scale.




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